Virtual Live Consultation and Training

New to the idea of virtual coaching and mentoring? Book a FREE 15 minute discovery call to see if this option suits you and your dog.

Private Training

During private training, I coach you through the nuts and bolts of teaching your dog the skills they need. We start with an initial online consultation where we find out more about the challenges you are facing, discuss the situations where problem behaviors are occurring, get any relevant history, and then discuss realistic goals and come up with a training and management plan for you, followed by as many lessons as needed to reach your training goals. I will demo for you and be your private coach you as you practice the skills you’ll need. This one-on-one format works especially well for fear and aggression, shy dogs, new puppy prep & training, and basic manners. *During the COVID-19 pandemic, all private lessons are conducted online.

Initial Training and Behavior Session

During this 60-minute video conference, you’ll give me a more detailed account of the behavior problems you’re looking to address and we’ll get a plan of action in place. We will implement management techniques right away, prioritize issues, commence training, and decide on the best path moving forward.

Each session is recorded so you can easily refer back to the video if you can’t remember every detail from the session. You will also receive an easy-to-follow training plan via email within 48 hours of your session and 2 weeks of email support. You will receive a session summary and relevant, tailored handouts.

Follow-up Behavior Session

During this session, we troubleshoot, problem solve and strategize to ensure that the plan is working and you’re seeing the results you’re after. We’ll fine-tune your technique and add steps to “proof” the new behaviors your dog is learning. You will also receive a training plan via email within 48 hours of your session, and email coaching for 1 week.

Need help staying on track, or getting additional coaching throughout the week? We offer package discounts. 30 minute sessions are perfect for clearing up questions and fine-tuning technique. You’ll have unlimited e-mail access to me during your package as well:

Online Training Packages:

Specialty Classes

Puppy Prep (Online class)

In this one and a half hour session, you will learn about:

  • Puppy-proofing: setting up your home to ease your new puppy’s transition
  • Socialization: how, why, when and where!
  • Play; it’s importance, what good play looks like, and how to monitor.
  • Puppy biting: what it is, and how to curb it.
  • House-training: set yourself and your pup up for success.
  • Exercises to help your puppy become the most confident, affable adult dog possible.
  • Puppies and kids: keeping everyone safe while keeping your sanity.
  • Age: Under 6 months
  • Prerequisite: none
  • Duration: One session, 1.5 hours
  • Cost: $125

You will receive relevant handouts and links to videos, books and solid information on how to not only survive but actually enjoy puppyhood and how to best set your puppy up to grow into a friendly, confident adolescent and adult!

Mind Your Manners 1-Not currently offered

Dogs who walk nicely on leash, don’t jump all over your guests, and won’t try to steal your dinner off your plate are included in family activities and are happier dogs. The Minding Manners class is designed for friendly adolescent and adult dogs who could use some help polishing up their manners. We teach all the basic behaviors using fun exercises and games so that you can have a dog who is truly a joy to live with!

  • Age: 4 months and up
  • Prerequisite: none
  • Duration: 6 weeks (week one is just us humans for orientation). Class is 45 minutes.
  • Cost: $200

**If your dog is fearful, aggressive, or you need help with a specific behavioral problem not covered under the class curriculum, private training is the way to go.

Circus Camp-Not currently offered

This class is all about having fun with your dog. This is a  beginner level tricks class (no previous training required!). Enrich your dog’s mind with some fun training exercises, and help him learn tricks you can show off to friends and family at your next gathering! The tricks we learn vary, but some of the cute behaviors we may teach are High-4, Roll Over or Play Dead, Sit Pretty or Paws Up, Take a Bow, Leg Weaves, Give a Kiss, Spin, Back up

  • Age: all ages and abilities
  • Prerequisite: none
  • Duration: 4 weeks. Class is 45 minutes.
  • Cost: $100

Fear and Aggression

For fearful, biting, or aggressive dogs, the initial consultation fee is $180. This includes a 90 minute consultation which will delve into bite history, triggers, and environmental stimuli. You will receive written session notes, and immediate management to implement for safety. Follow-up sessions will focus on step-by-step training, counter conditioning, and possibly conditioning to safety equipment such as muzzles, as well as empathy building. Involvement of a veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist to prescribe anxiety medications is common and may be recommended.

***Note that most fearful, aggressive, biting dogs require multiple sessions to resolve their behavior. Prognosis for resolving aggression varies by case. There are no guarantees in behavior.

Booking Policy

Bookings close 24 hours before the session starts.

Cancellation Policy: For 1 to 1 Training: To cancel or reschedule, please contact me with at least 48 hours notice. Cancelations within the 48 hour window are subject to a $50.00 cancelation fee. For Group Classes: To cancel or reschedule please contact me with at least 48 hours notice. Classes are non refundable within 48 hours or after the class begins.