Working with Linda remotely has been totally transformational for me and my boy, Rio.

Linda listened carefully to ALL of Rio’s triggers and behaviors before coming up with a thoughtful plan/s to address my concerns. Linda worked patiently and generously with me: she gave me confidence that what Rio needed to work on was normal and that our goals were achievable with patience, repetition, and lots of hot dogs.

Since beginning our “re-training” with Linda, Rio has not had a single nipping incident, he is happily crate trained, and he comes to my office every day where he is beloved and understood. Our bond is better than ever and he gets complimented often for being such a good boy – thank you Linda!

Mikayla & Rio

I cannot recommend Linda highly enough. She puts her heart and soul into her work, which is evident from her many years in rescue. You will be hard pressed to find someone with a greater positive and direct impact on dogs and their people. I’ve witnessed this first hand through working with her dogs and adopters, and when I was lucky to visit UPA in Guatemala. She is incredibly skilled with a wealth of hands on experience.

I can’t tell you how magical it is when I greet her rescue dogs from the airport. They are already sitting, walking nicely on leash, well socialized, and not a trace of the more difficult behavior problems she had been modifying. Dog training is an unregulated industry with a high disparity in quality and knowledge levels, but with Linda you can trust that you are in the best hands possible. You and your dog will be so lucky to have her.

Torie Silletto, CTC, CPDT-KA